Creating Pearls

Mar 23, 2021

Over the weekend, Sherril spoke for a Ladies' Day at a congregation in Lafayette, LA. Originally scheduled for last March as an entire weekend retreat, it finally occurred a year later as a one-day event. The theme centered around the acronym PEARLS: Praying for each other, Encouraging each other, Appreciating each other, Reaching out to one another, Loving each other, and Spending time with each other. 

A pearl forms when an irritant, usually a parasite, finds its way through the shell and into the soft tissue of an oyster or mollusk. The creature produces nacre which coats the irritant, protecting the creature from damage or infection. The layers build over time and produce a pearl. It takes months or even years to produce a pearl of significant size. The rounder the pearl, the more torrential the waves surrounding the creature. 

We can be pearls. When the irritants of life come, we must coat them with Truth. As we learn to surf the waves, we become stronger and more resilient. This process requires diligently covering the irritant with God's truth, surrounding yourself with those who will encourage you and keep you afloat. Through the tough parts of life, we become beautiful pearls! 

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