Do you ever struggle just to get started?

We understand! While there is not ONE right way to get up and get going, some ways are more beneficial than others. In the last several years, we've learned just how important gratitude is in the process. Below you will find a few different ways that you can also RISE in whatever God has planned for you!

Stepping Up

You can view Sherril's STEPPING UP video HERE. All of these tasks are completed before getting out of bed!

Miracle Morning

Adapted from Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning, Angie discusses the "Miracle Start" in THIS VIDEO.

Powerful Prayers

Pray Powerfully: Sometimes we don't know how or what to pray. This simple acronym offers a place to start.

Just Get Started. Here are some Prayer Challenge ideas, created by Sherril, to get you started.

In John Westerhoff's, Will Our Children Have Faith?), the author outlines four stages of faith. Those stages are experienced (a faith you are born into – you believe because your parents believe), affiliative faith (belonging to a community – believing because the group believes), searching faith (beginning to question “why” – typically during the adolescent/young adult years), and finally an owned faith (strong, personal faith, grounded in “I Know” statements). Sadly, many people never pass the second stage. Children must be taught before they can believe, but they must also be taught how and why to believe.
You can watch Angie's video sharing Bible Time with Children, by clicking HERE. You can also read more about Teaching Your Children, Bravely HERE.

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